Going to a casino when you’re in bad mood is not a good idea. I don’t know if your mood has a direct effect on the luck you may have, but it will certainly shorten your fuse when you experience the usual amount of bad luck. Once you start to think negatively it almost always seems that you get negative results.

The short fuse is what leads to a bad night at the casino. If your mood is sour you’re more likely to make a rash decision and throw caution to the wind. People in this state of mind usually spend way too much money.

Save your visits to the casino for good times. Don’t go to blow off steam when something in your life has you in a bad mood. If you’re angry try to shake it. Go for a walk or hit a punching bag; meditation works too.…

Without a doubt, No Limit Texas Holdem has taken the world by storm. But instead of playing typical cash or big tournament games, players are seeking their poker fix mainly at the Sit and Go Tourneys or “SNG” for short.

An SNG is usually one where it is only 10 players. These are just online. These are fast tournaments that last anywhere from a half an hour to an hour. In a sit and go poker tournament each player contributes an equal amount, the buy-in, to a prize pool and is awarded a fixed number of chips. When a player has lost all of his chips he is eliminated from the tournament. The tournament continues until there is only one player remaining, and the prize pool is divided 50% to the winner, 30% to second place and 20% to third place.

Now let’s talk strategy. First off, you only get so many cards. This is somewhat of a problem for figuring out strategy since you are limited. Also, you may find a few of techniques that work great for you at one poker site. These same techniques may not work at all when you switch to a different poker site. Try to find one poker room where you feel comfortable and at ease. This is the most important aspect of your poker career. If you are switching from site to site with varying results you will never adapt a steady style.

At one point in time I was trying every single possible way to increase my odds of placing within the top three rank for these tournaments. I found a few styles of play that worked consistently enough to win more tournaments than I lost. These methods can only be used one-at-a time so please do not mix them during the same tournament.…

One of my main goals in these tourneys is to survive till it is down to five people hopefully with enough chips to make my presence relevant. There is no point in having 100 chips left when the blinds are 25/50. You have to make your move before it gets to that.

Every call matters, even the 15 chip ones at the first level. Now this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t play a hand here and there when it looks like a good opportunity, it just means that you don’t want to have a marginal hand and lose 200 chips right off the bat. It’s hard to recover from there since you have little to work with.

Next, be aggressive. You don’t want to be a caller and you don’t want to be a small bettor. You are going to need a little luck to win these tourneys since they are so compressed but your chances go up if you play aggressively. People don’t like to fold…especially new players and even more so in tournaments. So if you have a good hand, don’t be afraid to put more chips in the pot then you normally would.

Over betting confuses a lot of people and sometimes makes them more often to call then to fold. Also, people brand you as a wild player and often times you’ll get more action that way too. Aggressiveness should dictate much of your card selection as well as betting style. In other words, don’t limp in with hands. When you come in raise, and if you can’t raise don’t play the hand. Try to raise enough to get heads up and then go from there.

After reading this, I can only hope that you have seen the light. What you do from here is totally up to you. Using the techniques in this book will benefit you any way you look at it. Set your mind to keep your game sharp and aggressive. It will also help you to win more and more pots each and every time you play.…

Bad luck is something that everyone will experience at times. There’s no way to get away from the bad luck, and at the casino bad luck seems to be everywhere, especially if you don’t play well. And let’s not forget that bad luck is stacked up against us, the house edge always keeps us on the losing side of things.

Bad play is another story. If you’re playing casino games and you don’t know everything there is to know about the games, it’s your fault that you’re losing so much. Learning the games and playing them to optimum strategy will decrease the edge the house holds over you. It gives you chances to win sometimes, and your bankroll will go that much further. The internet has all the information you need.…